Cat Grooming Services

Although cats do groom themselves it is sometimes essential that some cats need some extra attention, especially in today’s busy world. Long-haired, elderly, less active, overweight and even short-haired cats will all benefit from being groomed. Whatever the case we can restore the coat and maintain it using specialist tools and expert kind handling techniques.


Price guide for cat grooming:

  • Groom out, bathe and dry                          £37.00
  • Groom out, de-matt, bathe and dry            £62.00
  • De-matting, no bath                                    £42.00
  • Full or half clip                                             £42.00

All include ears and eyes cleaned, nails clipped and sanitary clip.

All prices are issued as a guide only and are subject to each individual cat’s coat condition, size and temperament. This will determine the extra time and attention needed.

* Prices in effect from January 2017 and are subject to review due to inflation*

We do sometimes offer half price cat grooming when there are students in on cat grooming courses.

Cat Grooming Training

We are the ONLY Training Centre in the southwest offering the Certificate of Competence in Cat Grooming.

If you are interested in learning how to groom your cat, or would like to work towards a Certificate of Competence in Cat Grooming, please click here for more information.