Pet Grooming

Dog Grooming Services

We groom to City & Guilds guidelines however we are usually guided by the dog and the owner, so please mention any particular wishes when you visit. Our preferred approach is to create a treatment that is customised to your pet’s specific needs. Please note that prices below may vary depending on the animal size, coat condition, etc.

Full Groom:
Bathing, drying, clipping and/or scissoring, ear care, nail clipping

Guide prices (subject to change) –
Small – £50 (eg. Westie, Cavalier )
Medium/Large – £50 – £65+ (eg. Border Collie, Golden Retriever, Setter )
Guide Price for Scissored Breeds:
Small/medium – £50+ (eg. Bichon, Miniature/Toy Poodle, Bedlington Terrier)
Large – £100 (eg. Standard Poodle, Bouvier Des Flandes)

Bathing & De-shedding:

Some breeds shed a lot more than others and this treatment will remove as much dead hair/undercoat as possible, which can reduce the amount of continual hair loss in the home. The ears will be cleaned and nails clipped if necessary.

Guide prices –
Small – £45 (eg. Jack Russell)
Medium – £40 (eg. Staffie)
Large – £70 (eg. Labradoodle)
Large – Short haired German Sheppard – £60
– Long haired German Sheppard – £75
– Newfoundland – £180+

Hand Strip Full Groom:
Instead of clipping or scissoring we use a hand stripping technique (particularly popular for terriers). This method of grooming is required to maintain correct texture and colour of the coat.

Guide prices :
Small/medium – £50+ (eg. Border Terrier, Jack Russell)
Large – £110 (eg. Italian Spinone)
All prices are issued as a guide only and are subject to each individual dog’s coat condition, size and temperament. Additional costs will be applied if the coat or temperament problems are encountered owing to the extra time and attention needed.

Model Dogs:

We offer HALF PRICE dog grooming for regular customers. These grooms are to be carried out by a student who is fully supervised. Your dog would need to stay with us from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm to however your pet will have lots of breaks and walks throughout the day.

* Prices in effect as of January 2022 and are subject to review and change due to inflation*


Cat Grooming Services

Although cats groom themselves some cats need extra attention, especially in today’s busy world. Long-haired, elderly, less active, overweight and even short-haired cats will all benefit from being groomed. Whatever the case we can restore the coat and maintain it using specialist tools and expert kind handling techniques.

Price guide for cat grooming:
Bath, dry and furminate £75 , Large breeds – £90
Dry shampoo and deshed £65+, Large breeds – £75
De-matt/cip out, deshed, bath & dry £75+, Large breeds – £95+
Clip offs (excessive matts) £90-£130
Nails £20

Include ears and eyes cleaned, nails clipped and sanitary clip. All prices are issued as a guide only and are subject to each individual cat’s coat condition, size and temperament. This will determine the extra time and attention needed.
* Prices in effect from January 2022 and are subject to review due to inflation*