Cat Grooming Courses & Prices

Certificate in Professional Cat Grooming
This brand new qualification, designed by the Pet Care Trade Association, is an exciting addition to grooming businesses, catteries, breeders or anyone with a keen interest in grooming cats. We are the only Training Center in the South West offering the Certificate in Professional Cat Grooming and it’s an excellent course for anyone looking to change careers or to simply learn some new skills.

The course(s) cover all of the basic grooming techniques including bathing and you will be required to groom cats from start to finish under the guidance of our highly experienced teachers. We only teach a few students per day, giving you the best experience. There will be various assignments, worksheets and in house activities to complete during the course and one assessment day consisting of an in-house Q&A paper delivered in semi exam conditions, along with various practical assessments. To gain your Certificate in Professional Cat Grooming Qualification a minimum of 5 days must be taken for all experienced cat groomers.

Most of our students tend to open their own Businesses once they’ve gained their qualification however some students simply use their new skills to groom their own cats.  If you’re looking to gain some experience without earning a qualification, we offer private courses to suit your needs so be sure to contact us to discuss your requirements.

5 Days Qualification: Experienced
For professional cat/dog groomers with plenty of experience working with both cats and dogs. Fee- £2100 (including VAT)

10 Days Qualification - Intermediate
Newly trained and professional dog groomers with limited experience in handling/grooming cats. Fee- £3000 (including VAT)

20 Days Qualification - Newcomer
Limited/no previous experience in animal handling and cat/dog grooming. Fee- £4800 (including VAT)